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  1. Zalmamator

    Mar 14, 2017
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    What is your Minecraft name?

    How old are you?
    16 going on seventeen at the end of March.

    How often are you available and in what time zone?
    I'm in the EST and on weekdays I usually get home around 4:00 and I'm up pretty late usually till around 11:00, I will also be available most weekends.

    How long have you been playing on our servers?
    For about a year.

    What languages do you speak (fluently)?
    Only English but if for some reason you needed to translate written Latin, I've got you covered.

    List your experience in the position applying for, be as detailed as you want. If you list experience as admin/mod on a server please list the servers name.
    I have no experience moderating other servers except for small one I've made with friends. But I think ill get the hang of it pretty quickly I've always been good with that kinda stuff and I'm excited to learn about it.

    Why would you be a good edition to the team?
    I'm very active the server and intended to keep it that way and I'm always happy to help people with there problems, plus as an added bonus I wouldn't use my powers for evil. I know one of the things you look for is how active people are on the forums and I haven't been but I will work on that.

    I appreciate your consideration of my application,
    Sincerely Zalmanator.
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  2. DevilsAdvocate

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    Aug 20, 2015
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    Not sure we would ever need latin translated, but good to know, lol. you deffinately have had alot of time with the server and as far as i know have been well behaved. You may not have mod experience but i think you would be up for the task when your time comes.
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  3. Geometer

    Jun 2, 2016
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    Hey, I would diffidently recommend Zalm for mod. I've known him IRL for ages he's a great guy. I'm sure he would do this server proud.

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