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    The reset is currently in the works behind the scenes, and is definitely a lengthy process. A number of members have noted this, and we apologize for the delay. On the bright side, we would like to include the community in the process by having a spawn design competition.

    Creatia will remain as is, and will be the basis of the competition (unless one would prefer to work in single player or something). The rules of the competition are fairly open, but please follow these simple guidelines:

    - You are not required to work alone. Grab some friends and make inCRAFTion history
    - The required theme is the traditional medieval feel of minecraft
    - The size must fit within a creatia plot (128*128 for those building elsewhere)
    - Try your best to have the design flow into the environment (i.e. not a wall that drops off suddenly into naturally generated territory). If the size requirements don't allow for this, don't worry; we can deal with that later.
    - Please do not include pre-made easter eggs. We are planning to have some within the new spawn, but please don't hide any yourselves
    - Have fun with it; Feel free to take a unique spin on the theme, offer a counter-theme (within reason), etc.

    If you are interested in submitting a design, all you need to do is create one, then PM me here on the forums with the following information:

    - Username exactly as spelt in-game with correct CaPs
    - Plot location (any coords within plot)
    - World file (if done on single player)

    - A brief description of your design, including any details or information you would like us to take note of
    - A name for the build if you have one in mind (try to keep this short and sweet. One of our past spawns was named 'Nexus' for example and served as a very iconic name. You can see it above on the site banner)

    Again, have fun with this; that's what minecraft is for. The winner will be posted on this thread after the remaining reset steps are taken, and the map has been pre-genned.

    Good luck and happy designing!
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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by EngineerofSpades, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. TheRealZiem
    So, does anyone want to build a spawn with me? .-.
  2. RoobieDoobie12
    I'm terrible at building but I'd give it a shot!
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  3. Nachostyle
    I'll help, but i got school so i can only do weekends (PS i'm ok at building)
  4. DevilsAdvocate
    im not on much nowadays what with the situation about my aunt, but i wouldnt mind helping.
  5. TheRealZiem
    Yay! We have a 5-ppl build team now! Nice! :D
  6. TheRealZiem
    So, how much time do we have left..?
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  7. EngineerofSpades
    This competition will be held up until the reset has a solid release date, where a final date for both events will be posted. Thanks for asking, forgot to specify that.

    Reset is still in the works; we're doing a full reset of all plugins as well, so we're individually configuring each of them at the moment, as well as updating the permissions system. More on this as we get further into the process.
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    I'm not on much either but I could help out too. I'm pretty good at building. I went to the Candy_Kun Building School for Noobs and Novices lol
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