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    The long awaited reset now has a scheduled release date of May 15th! To give you an idea of what's left, this week Penple and I are going through the plugins on the test server to verify their configuration, and the following week will be setting up the map.

    Spawn competition deadline:

    If you have been hard at work on a spawn design, please submit these to me using the format listed on the original thread via private message no later than May 8th. If you need a few extra days, please PM me and request it asap.

    To those who have a design and cannot complete it, you may submit it anyway, however please make sure to specify if it is incomplete. We may make a composition from other builds to place around the map as easter eggs.

    Thank you for your patience through this process; only two weeks until launch!

    Have a great day and thanks again for your patience,
    - EoS
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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by EngineerofSpades, May 1, 2017.

  1. TheRealZiem
    Question: If two building teams decide to team up, will you (the staff) combine the 2 projects? Or do the teams do it? (More specifically: 1 overall spawn and 1 central spawn)
  2. killermantime
    I would think for ease of use that you should (the team) combine them before submission.
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  3. Geometer
    I built a gold farm that was poorly designed and very lagy in the current world. I worked out a design that will be much less lagy. will over world pig-man spawns still be nerfed? or can I try to build one in the new map?
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  4. EngineerofSpades
    So long as the build isn't detrimental to server resources, you should be fine @Geometer
  5. Tal Rasha
    What mods wil be on this map?
  6. TheRealZiem
    Mods? None, to what we know. Just plugins :p
    Just a question, is there going to be an actual map download for those of us who wanted to keep the memory? I know I, myself would like a copy (no matter how large it may be) . I know this sort of thing was promised a few times with no actual delivery but seeing as there's been some new faces maybe it'll happen this time?
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  8. Geometer
    What time exactly is the reset planed? Just want to know so I don't waste a bunch of time tomorrow compulsive checking to see if it is a new server yet.
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