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    First and foremost, for those who don't know, Penple and I are your new admins for the Survival and Skyblock servers, and the administration team have been working on reforming staff, and updating the community as a whole.

    Along with these updates comes the Survival server's reset. The last reset was about a year ago if not longer, and we have decided to begin planning for a reset at some point in the near future. This is where you, the community, come in.

    Penple and I are asking that our current members give input on how the transition would work, what plugins you would like to see, those you wouldn't like to see, etc.

    It has been brought up that some members would like to bring new items into the new map, and personally, I see this as a direct nullification of the reset. However, if you can make a point on why you should have this opportunity, please share below with any other ideas. I do ask that you keep in mind when making points on this that a reset is supposed to be a completely new world, with everyone starting at the same point, and you bringing over your Excalibur doesn't truly allow for this.

    Please comment below on your thoughts on the new map, as well as any concerns you may have. Thank you for your attention, and have a great day!

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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by EngineerofSpades, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. DevilsAdvocate
    as far as plugins, i think we are good with what he have. about bringing items over. i only want to bring good tools, like one eff5 ub3, mending diamond pick, one eff5 ub3 mending diamond shovel, and one eff5, ub3, mending hatchet. just those 3 tools, nothing else. this is because having to suddenly start completely over when you just had SOOOO much can be extremely frustrating. as i said during talks in game chat, every other server ive played on before has either allowed you to have 1 build copied over, a certain ammount of items carried over in inventory, server currency kept (this is also an option i wouldnt mind inplace of tools) or they offer an "op" kit to players from the previous map. op kit as in best vanilla enchanted armour wep and tools.

    Also, this isnt for the survival map, but, it would be nice to get a minigames server too. and have spleef, splegg, skywars, parkour, deathrun, and games like that. i think this would be a great attraction for new players.
  2. EngineerofSpades
    I've been thinking of a Prop Hunt based minigame run using the LibsDisguises plugin and vanilla command blocks
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  3. DevilsAdvocate
    yeah, prophunt would be cool too
  4. TheRealZiem
    KeepInventory would be nice :p If not, there should be a plugin that places a chest in your death spot (like graves or something).

    Oh and BTW: When the reset happens, will you reveal the map seed and/or give a map download?
  5. Spy_With_Issues
    Since this has no doubt stalled projects across the server, we should try to get the reset done sooner rather than later so everyone can get back into it. Aside from that I agree with the death chest idea, and with some of what devil said, maybe some diamond tools would be nice.
  6. meiskam
    I'd like to welcome Penple and EngineerofSpades to the team, they're doing a great start of living up to our expectations.

    In the past we've made old maps available for download, I'm sure something can be arranged.
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  7. TheRealZiem
    Tbh I'm against transferring stuff to the new world.. It removes the purpose of a reset. I know someone will say: 'But you don't have to OMG stop being so stupid', but I wouldn't want to get rid of my stuff by MY decision, I would rather get them removed by force xD

    And also, this would be unfair for some people. A reset is a chance for newbies to keep up with the 'veterans' of inCRAFTion, if you could transfer stuff, nothing will change..

    Some people will disagree with me, but playing with endgame gear and a huge base gets boring fast, a fresh start is always fun and interesting :D
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  8. Spy_With_Issues
    I agree with that premise but having to do the same starting steps for the upgrade from just wood to iron gets old real fast. I can forget the diamond stuff but at the least could we get stone gear at the start. Both sides of the isle have a good point here so maybe a case by case handling would be a good idea.
  9. GoRobloxALT
    I don't care that much about survival, do whatever you want with that. Don't reset skyblock though, also can you tell us what the skyblock world seed is? Or give everyone the /seed command? Thank you so much, welcome to the team, EoS and Penple!
  10. DevilsAdvocate
    engineer has told me a download will be available right after the reset
  11. DevilsAdvocate
    i can see your point ziem. yes, a reset IS a chance for newbies to catch up with veterans. so ill fold my thoughts and agree with spy. stone tools would suffice as a kit available to all players. this way you can have a little bit of a head start on the game compared to pure vanilla reseting, but same start as everyone else.

    sorry if this confuses you, im tired >.<
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  12. TheRealZiem
    Stone seems good, lol
  13. EngineerofSpades
    Thank you for your comments.

    I'm not yet very experienced in writing plugins, but I believe we could look into creating a plugin to allow death-chests (should there not already be one available), but I personally believe this would be better suited to a GUI-based system, whereas spawning a chest could cause problems. Those of you that have dealt with 'Webber' infernals have experienced this sort of problem. What are your thoughts on this @Penple2 ?

    As for the startup kit, I'm definitely willing to have stone be the starting tier for tools and weaponry. I definitely agree that the first part of the game can be very repetitive, and I hope that stone can be that common ground between a full reset and just having completed a massive project.

    As previously mentioned, as soon as the reset occurs, the current map will be released for download.

    Thanks again for your comments thus far.
  14. Aethiru

    Careful with kits please, nothing worse than a server that gives you infinite kits of stone tools. If you're mining and your tools break, you shouldn't be able to spawn in more at will. It takes out some of the game. You should have to:

    a) Return home and regear yourself or
    b) Bring materials or the means to recreate new gear in your adventure

    If possible, a one use kit would be very nice. Or just a long cooldown.

    Really interested to see what you two bring to the table, good luck to both of you.
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  15. EngineerofSpades
    The startup kit would definitely have a cooldown, as it has in the past, but thanks for bringing up that point.
  16. DevilsAdvocate
    well. im up for the reset whenever. which is saying something considering i was full against reset about a week ago. lol.
  17. DevilsAdvocate
  18. Candy_Face
    I'd kill for the chair plugin to make a comeback :D
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