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    Now now before you all wet your pants in excitement this is not an official release yet. I have been working on our creative server for the past week getting it ready for a release. It is finally at a point where it is ready for players to come in and build to their hearts content.

    That's where all of you come in. I would like those of our regular members that enjoy creative build to come on, grab a plot, and simply build away. All I ask is that you point out any bugs, missing perms, suggestions, etc. Creatia will be fully released and advertised once spawn is finished (killermantime is working non-stop on it as we speak). Before then I would like to have all the bugs worked out.

    To Join Creatia simply go to Lobby or Survival and type /creatia

    Now a bit of information on our creative server as it is a bit different from creatia of past.

    - We use a plot system using a plugin called PlotSquared more information on the plugin can be found here including commands

    - To get a list of commands use /plot
    - Plots are 128 x 128
    - All members have access to
    World Edit to get a list of commands go here
    - All members have access to at least 1 plot
    - Redstone clocks are turned off for now
    - All members can adjust the plot flags and biome of their own plot and can control things such as greeting, farewell, notify-enter, notify leave, time, weather, and more. Type /plot set flag for a list of all flags.

    - Donators can claim up to 2 plots and merge their plots together
    - Donators have access to Voxel Sniper within their plot
    - Donators can generate full natural biomes within their plots
    - Donators have the ability to both save and load schematics into their plots

    That is all for now I believe.

    Please include any problems, questions, or suggestions in this thread and not the problems/suggestions forums
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Discussion in 'Creatia - Creative Server' started by j2ther, May 24, 2015.

  1. j2ther
    just curious as to when redstone will get working again, had to spend 1/2 an hour redesigning a door that should have taken 5 min.
  3. j2ther
    redstone is working ....
    I'll have to check again then.

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