AgarIO: To keep, or to rid

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by EngineerofSpades, Jul 28, 2017.

  • by EngineerofSpades, Jul 28, 2017 at 1:29 PM
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    It was discussed in the past by myself and Pen whether or not to keep AgarIO on the server, and as for what would take its place, if anything, we simply do not know yet. With that, we would like to know your opinion on whether or not to keep AgarIO on the server.

    If you have an idea for what could take its place in the event that it is removed, feel free to post that below as well.

    Thanks and happy gaming!
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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by EngineerofSpades, Jul 28, 2017.


AgarIO: To keep or to rid. You decide.

  1. Keep

  2. Rid

  3. Replace? Specify below for any specific ideas

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    I really don't have a preference as to what takes its place, put as far as I'm concerned, it's the place that we send players during a restart of the survival server ^^
  2. ArrantOsprey33
    Yeah, even when I try to play it, it doesn't work anyway, so I don't have a preference either
  3. TheRealZiem
    I think the removal of AgariO, which I don't use anyways, would give survival more dedocated WAM and overall server power IF all the servers are running on one machine.

    A minigame server would be nice BUT it would be hard to host minigames where there are no players most of the time. Maybe it could bring more attention tho..

    A modded inCRAFTion rebirth would be cool I guess.

    I can't decide whether to rid or replace, but I'm supporting its removal.
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    Modded would be cool ^^
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  5. Candy_Face
    I'm not sure as to what it could be replaced with but to be totally honest, it seems a bit cheap and boring to have it as a dedicated minigame for such a GRAND and AMAZING community as ours :D

    Most people who actually use it don't stay for too long there nor on survival from my experience. It brings attention but it doesn't bring a dedicated playerbase.
  6. Tal Rasha
    Replace it with a small hardcore server.
  7. KamikazeePidgeon
    Not that I'll be around for much longer, but WarHub was a quite enjoyable competitive outlet for those (like myself) who didn't join clans or fight other players on survival.

    I support removal or replacement, and voted for the latter. I would suggest replacing AgarIO with WarHub.
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  8. EngineerofSpades
    I thought about this idea in the past, maybe I'll look into it.
    I'm still open to the old idea of a small Survival/Bending server. (Yes avatar bending) I think it'd be pretty fun and there aren't that many places running it. I just think it'd be nice to have one that doesn't look like a tsunami/earthquake/tornado/atomic bomb hit at the same time. (That's how a lot of big bending servers look near spawn)
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    The atomic bomb would cancle out the tornado because of the massive shock wave

    EDIT: Right?
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  11. Brick_Baker
    I have spoke of a dragon server in the General tab on Discord, on 8-01-17 & 8-02-17. The idea is to basically be able to fight the dragon & be able to obtain the egg & xp as you would in survival as a first dragon, then utilize the loot in survival. Another idea is to have an area to fight the wither & bring all the loot back to survival. Lastly, I remember when there were infernals to be fought, they had awesome loot that would drop when killed & were just as hard or harder to fight than the dragon & wither. We could hit this trifecta of battles with the replace of the server. There could be a battle map set up in a way so that all these mobs are in one arena or close together.
  12. Brick_Baker
    I feel as though this would be a step in the wrong direction, why restrict any play ? If anything, & in line with this thought, there should be awesome starter kits & capabilities for first timers on this server with initiative perks that prompt them to keep playing/voting/donating. Why close off potential long term players/voters/donators ?
    The idea was that if you have had an account on the forums for 2 years or more, and have remained active, you'll be abe to join, it gives new players an initiative to stay on and stay active, while also providing a vinnila server for people who want to play without plugins

    EDIT: Like rtp, chairs, etc.
  14. Brick_Baker
    So you're saying to new people....keep active for a few years & you could be a part of a server with no perks or any convenient plugins. That doesn't make any sense actually, why would anyone want to go that length for less of a server. I stand by my last post here, why restrict any play.
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  15. DanekJovax
    I did it before, and I could do it again; run a modded ARK: survival evolved server.
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